2nd & 3rd May 2020

Motorpoint Arena Nottingham



When are VIP tickets sent out?

After the April 16th deadline has passed – usually a week or so before the event.

I’ve ordered a General/Early Entry Ticket and it hasn’t arrived, why haven’t you sent it? 

When you order General Entry and Early Entry tickets you’re ordering from the Motorpoint Arena. We have no information on your ticket unless it’s a Photoshoot Ticket or VIP Pass.

Are there any tickets left for this event and will they get to me in time?

Tickets are currently still available online from the Motorpoint Arena and if ordered soon they should reach you in time.

Can I get a ticket on the door?

Yes, but we cannot guarantee how many tickets will be available. We strongly advise buying in advance.

I’ve ordered tickets but I live outside the UK. Will they arrive on time?

We won’t send tickets overseas so your ticket will be at the box office from the Friday May 3rd. You will need valid ID to collect them.


When are photoshoot tickets sent out?

After the April 16th deadline has passed – usually a week or so before the event.

Can I get a photoshoot on the day

Yes, just go to the photo desk.

Can we get selfies at the guests desk?

Usually, yes. Some guests will charge for it. EM-Con does not determine this.

What time are the photoshoots?

Once scheduled they will be listed on the Photoshoot Page.

Guest Related Questions

Will there be a Q&A panel for [insert guest]?

We attempt Q&A sessions with as many guests as possible. As soon as they are confirmed they will be listed on the Q&A page

Can I pre-purchase autographs or get them sent to me?

Yes – we now partner with 237 Signings to offer a signing service.


Is there anywhere to get changed or to store my things?

No. Please note after recent security issues at other venues around the UK all lockers have been removed from this venue.

Are there any cash points?

Yes, however they charge for withdrawals so we would advise you to get your cash from one of the many free ones throughout Nottingham.

Will there be anywhere to purchase food on site?

Yes, there are 2 cafes and various food vendors all around the venue on the concourse.

Is it possible to leave the venue and re-enter?

Absolutely, but the venue will not allow you to bring food from outside caterers or fast food outlets.

Is there parking on site?

There is no general car parking at this venue but there are a number of car parks very close by.

Is there disabled parking?

There are a small number of disabled parking spaces next to the venue, but it is limited.


Do I get tickets for the After Party sent to me?

No  – instead your name gets added to an exclusive guest list. Simply go to Annie’s Burger Shack and give your name on the door. How chic!

I’ve had a refund, but not had the postage back, why?

Because of the way PayPal works we can only do automatic refunds for a few day after purchase. After this point a refund charge is levied. This is why you haven’t had a postage refund. At the moment it is unavoidable, but we are looking at changing the system for future conventions.

I have emailed. Why haven’t you replied?

Due to the large number of emails we receive we priorities the order in which we reply. If your question can be easily answered by checking the website you will likely experience a long delay in getting a reply.

Can I change my address on my order?

Yes, but there is a £2.50 admin charge for this. Please send an email with the subject “ADDRESS CHANGE” along with confirmation of the new address. You will then be asked to pay the admin charge and the address will be changed on your order.