4th & 5th May 2019

Motorpoint Arena Nottingham

2019 Guests & Attractions

Media Guests – TV & Film


Each guest will be sat at their own table, in front of them will be a selection of photographs, when approaching the guests table please select the photo you would like signing, this is included in the price of the autograph, alternatively you can have something you have brought with you signed.

Common Courtesy:

Please be mindful that many people will want to also speak to the guest you are visiting, so please keep this in mind when approaching any table with queues.

Photos with the guests at their tables:

We recognise that getting a photo with a guest can be important. Therefore, when you meet the guest to purchase your autograph, there may or may not be a further charge for taking a photo with them.

This is becoming a common practice of guests at conventions, with the increase of “selfies” it has become apparent that many attendees see this as a replacement for an autograph, it’s not. Guests come from all over the world and travel many miles to attend for the attendees/fans, please keep in mind that for guests this is their job.

Please also bear in mind that whilst guests are often willing to pose for photos with fans, there may be many reasons why they decline. If this happens please do respect their wishes.

There will be professional photoshoots with the guests so you will be able to acquire a professional image with your favourite guest!