8th & 9th June 2024

Motorpoint Arena Nottingham


Please remember we get a large quantity of emails and messages on social media, we’ll try to answer everyone but if it’s listed here then you’ll probably be redirected to this page for your answer.

Why come to EM-Con? Don’t listen to us, read what attendee’s have said! READ HERE

Opening times of event

Saturday 9.45am-6pm (Different tickets have different entry times)
Sunday 9.45am-4.30pm (Different tickets have different entry times)


All tickets are now sold by either Gigantic Tickets or The Motorpoint arena.

I’ve ordered a General/Early Entry Ticket and it hasn’t arrived, why haven’t you sent it? 

When you order General Entry and Early Entry tickets you’re ordering from the Motorpoint Arena or Gigantic tickets. We have no information on your ticket unless it’s a Photoshoot So please contact them.

Tickets are usually sent out around 2-3 weeks before the event. Please do not contact us asking when they’ll be sent out.

Are there any tickets left for this event and will they get to me in time?

Tickets are currently still available online from the Motorpoint Arena and if ordered soon they should reach you in time.

Can I get a ticket on the door?

Yes, but we cannot guarantee how many tickets will be available. We strongly advise buying in advance.

Can I get a photoshoot on the day

Yes, just go to the kiosk and book a photoshoot.

Can we get selfies at the guests desk?

Usually, yes. Some guests will charge for it. EM-Con does not determine this, it is 100% at the guests discretion.  

What time are the photoshoots?

Once scheduled they will be listed on the Photoshoot Page.

Guest Related Questions

Will there be a Q&A panel for [insert guest]?

We attempt Q&A sessions with as many guests as possible. As soon as they are confirmed they will be listed on the Q&A page

Can I pre-purchase autographs or get them sent to me?

Unfortunately at the moment the only way to get an autograph is to attend the event.


Venue information can be found here VENUE

Is there anywhere to get changed or to store my things?

No. Please note after recent security issues at other venues around the UK all lockers have been removed from this venue.

Are there any cash points?

No, however you are in the center of Nottingham so you can get your cash from one of the many free cashpoints throughout Nottingham.

Will there be anywhere to purchase food on site?

Yes, there are 2 cafes and various food vendors all around the venue on the concourse.

Is it possible to leave the venue and re-enter?

Absolutely, but the venue will not allow you to bring food from outside caterers or fast food outlets.

Is there parking on site?

Please follow the link on this page to parking options https://nottingham.em-con.co.uk/info/venue/

Is there disabled parking?

There are a small number of disabled parking spaces next to the venue, but it is limited.


Do I get tickets for the After Party sent to me?

Yes, Gigantic Tickets will send out your ticket.

The shoot I booked still went ahead on the weekend, but I didn’t attend, can I get a refund

No – if the photoshoot went ahead, then you won’t be able to claim a refund, this will include any replacement guests.

I have emailed. Why haven’t you replied?

Due to the large number of emails we receive we priorities the order in which we reply. If your question can be easily answered by checking the website you will not get a reply.

Can I change my address on my order?

Yes, you need to contact the point of purchase, either Gigantic Tickets or The Motorpoint arena

I’m a content creator/tik toker/youtuber (insert other social media platform) can I get a free ticket and come and create content? 

All creators are welcome, however, we feel the principle of purchasing a ticket should be across the board for all those that attend the event, the event itself would of cost thousands of pounds to put on, and that cost has to be covered to keep it going each year. Additionally to remind anyone creating content at the event, anyone purchasing a ticket agrees to the terms and conditions on site that all media capture is owned by EM-Con events, this is explained in the section below. 


Standing and Queueing
The venue has facilities on multiple levels, all accessible via flat access or lifts. Stewards are available at all events to assist and make your experience enjoyable.
Refreshments / merchandise and ticket kiosks are all popular and may involve queueing during peak times, staff are available to assist with those who cannot stand for long periods of time.

Wheelchair Access
The venue is fully accessible to all facilities and levels. A blue badge holder car park is provided by the City Council at the side of the venue. Accessible WC’s and low level counters are provided throughout. For those wishing to view the ice rink a viewing balcony is provided overlooking the ice rink and our rink side café has ramped access to a fully enclosed heated seating area. Accessible seating is available in our tiered seating section with flat access. Configuration of accessible seating will depend on event setup.

Short Distances
A drop off point is available on Lower Parliament Street directly outside the venue with lift access to the main entrance. Inside the venue it is a short walk to box office, restaurants and seating areas. Seating can be provided for rest intervals where required upon request.

Access To Toilets
Accessible toilets are located on every level and at multiple key locations. A changing places facility is available on level 3, accessible by lift and operated with a RADAR key, a key is available on request.
All other accessible WC’s are operated on a standard lock system.

Assistance Dogs
Assistance dogs are welcome in the venue, please be advised that loud music may be played during certain events and therefore it is at the discretion of the owner to consider the safety of the dog. Please make the Motorpoint Arena box office agents aware of any requirements for your visit when booking.

Essential Companions
We operate a scheme through the Motorpoint Arena for those who require an essential companion to purchase one ticket for themselves and be eligible to bring their companion for free.
Applications are made via the link on our ticket page https://nottingham.em-con.co.uk/tickets/
PLEASE NOTE, THE MOTORPOINT ARENA fully undertake this service, they will be in contact with you, we will not answer any emails or messages in regard to this service.

Videography and Photography

We understand and value the desire to document your experience at EM-Con, and while we encourage you to take photos, record and live-stream we have to also keep in mind that there might be vulnerable adults and children attending the event, this is why EM-Con takes the same approach widely used in other event and hospitality venues, you can record, photograph and stream at the event but any footage or photography taken is the soul property of EM-Con events ltd.
Why? – This is because if any images or recordings are used nefariously then we have the legal right to be able to ask for it to be taken down or reported to the correct authorities. This is for the singular reason to try and protect any attendee from bullying, being profited from, or worse.
In Short – We’ll never stop anyone taking a photo, or recording a video, but we will protect those at the event if anything taken is used negatively against those attendees.

So can you film a blog, take photos, or go live on a stream? Yes! of course.

Creator Passes

We get a lot of creators emailing us for passes, and up to now its always been a polite response that we don’t provide “Creator Passes” however, from 2024 we are going to provide a small amount of passes for the event, but the following criteria has to be met:

  • Any creator must have current active accounts on 2+ platforms.
  • A list of social media accounts must be listed and sent to us with screenshot of engagements on posts.
  • The creator must have a combined social media following of over 500,000 across platforms.
  • Applicant must show if successful promotion of EM-Con in posts
  • Reason for attending
  • All applications must be sent via info@em-con.co.uk we will confirm with any successful applicants

Your pass to EM-Con allows you access to the event, as long as space is available, however it does not allow you:

  • Early or special access to the event.
  • Free access to any additional event EM-Con is running.
  • Entry into paid panels, photoshoots or meet and greets.
  • Access to guests, agents, or any back of house. This means at any time while the guest is at the event, including at their table, hotel, in transit, or during their free time while in the city.
  • Please also note as mentioned above that all photos, video or streams filmed or taken while at the event are the legal property of EM-Con Events Ltd.

Creator passes are issued on a case-by-case basis – if you have a team, such as a photographer or videographer, they must apply separately and will be reviewed on their own merit. Due to the large volume of applications, creator passes are issued at the discretion of EM-Con Events Ltd.

There is no on site registration, all applicants must be completed 21 days prior to the event.